Cross Account Transfer

Cross-Account Application


Print this page, fill out application and return to the Credit Union.

Mailing address:

NJ GATEWAY Federal Credit Union
Attn: Audio Banking Department
P.O. Box 420
Dayton, New Jersey 08810-0420.

or Fax us at (732) 329-8624.

Yes, I want to apply for AUDIO BANKING Cross-Account Transfer service.

By entering the information requested and signing this application, the undersigned request the following services from NJ GATEWAY Federal Credit Union:

Member’s Name________________________________________________

Primary Account No. ____________  SSN for Member _________________

Street Address ______________________________________

City _________________________________ State _____ Zip _____________

Home Phone ____________________ Business Phone ________________

NJ GATEWAY Federal Credit Union’s AUDIO BANKING Cross-Account Transfer service allows the owner(s) of an account (the “primary account”) to make transfers to another account (the “destination account”), through the Credit Union’s automated telephone electronic funds transfer system. Transfers shall only be made from the primary account to the destination account. No transfers are allowed from the destination account to the primary account.

Destination Account No._____________ Member’s Name ___________________________

The undersigned acknowledge receipt of the Credit Union’s Membership Agreement; and agree to all terms and conditions set forth therein, as may be changed from time to time by the Credit Union.

_____________________________________________    ____________________
Primary Account Member’s Signature                             Date

_____________________________________________    ____________________
Destination Account Member’s Signature                        Date

Credit Union Use Only

Implemented By_________________________________ Date ________________

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