Mobile Deposit/MobileBanking

Mobile Deposit/Mobile Banking “TouchBanking”

As part of NJ Gateway Federal Credit Union’s continuous efforts to provide exceptional Member service, we now offer our members an enhanced Mobile Deposit and Internet TouchBanking from your smart phone.

With NJ Gateway FCU’s TouchBanking, you can monitor your accounts using your mobile phone, receive accounts alerts, view account activities, and transfer funds between accounts.

With our new app for iPhone and Android users, all you need is your mobile device’s camera to securely deposit a check drawn on any financial institution in the United States to your savings or checking account(s) right from your home or office. It’s so easy to use -You can deposit checks in a few simple steps:

  • Simply download the mobile deposit application through our website for access and then download the TouchBanking app
  • Once approved, login to our TouchBanking app with your Online Banking credentials and select “deposit”
  • Select the account for your deposit
  • Enter the deposit amount
  • Endorse the check AND write “For deposit only at NJ Gateway FCU” on the back of the check along with the deposit date below your signature
  • Take a picture of the front and back of the check when prompted
  • Confirm the images are correct and select “deposit check”

You can download our mobile deposit application “TouchBanking” (PDF)

Download our app at:

Mobile Banking Google Play Link                   Mobile Banking ITunes Link


How much does it cost to use the TouchBanking App?

There is no fee to install the NJ Gateway FCU TouchBanking app. However, standard wireless carrier data and charges apply; so please make sure you understand the terms of your mobile agreement before using the NJ Gateway FCU “TouchBanking” app.

How do I initially access the app?

Launch the app. When prompted, enter “njgatewayfcu” for the App Code and enter your Online Banking logon ID

What is my User ID for NJ Gateway TouchBanking?

Your User ID is the same as your Online Banking User ID. If you have not signed up for our online banking service, please visit and click on the login button to enroll. (Note: Minimum length for logon IDs is 6 characters. If your Virtual Branch logon ID is shorter than 6 characters, add zeros to the beginning to reach 6 digits.) If you are unable to login using your User ID, please contact Member Services at 888.385.5782 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

What do I use as my password?

Your TouchBanking password is the same password you use for Online Banking.

Why doesn’t the app work on my phone?

The app is currently compatible with iPhone® 3 or higher, and Android devices with Android 2.0 and higher. The app is available for free download from Apple’s App StoreSM and Google PlayTM for Android.

How many checks can I deposit at one time?

You will only be able to deposit a maximum of 10 checks in a single deposit.

How much is the deposit limit?

The daily deposit limit amount is personalized for each member. Your personalized limit is available inside the Mobile Deposit service app.

Are deposits using the NJ Gateway FCU TouchBanking app secure?

Your transmissions made using the “TouchBanking” app are safe and secure. Check images are only stored on the phone until you complete your deposit. It is important that you take appropriate steps to protect the security of your phone like:

  • Password protect your mobile device
  • Keep your mobile device in a secure spot when not in use
  • Secure your login information
  • Let NJ Gateway FCU know immediately if you think your login information has been compromised

When am I able to submit my deposits?

You can make a deposit using the “TouchBanking” app anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I endorse checks that I submit through NJ Gateway FCU TouchBanking?

Endorse the back of each check submitted through Mobile Deposit with:

  • The payee’s signature
  • The words “For deposit only at NJ Gateway Federal Credit Union”
  • The account number to which the check is being deposited
  • The words “Mobile Deposit “
  • Today’s date (mm/dd/yyyy)

PLEASE NOTE: If the back of the check is not properly endorsed, NJ Gateway Federal Credit Union reserves the right to reject the check for deposit.

What do I do with my paper check after I made the deposit?

We recommend that you keep the check 45 days after making your deposit to ensure that your check has been properly processed in our system. In the event you need a Substitute Check, contact Member Services at 888.385.5782 and we will provide one for you.

I accidentally deposited the same check at the branch. What happens now?

In the event of accidentally depositing the same check in the branch as the one deposited using the NJ Gateway FCU “TouchBanking” app will cause one of the checks to be rejected. Visit to see our policy on returned checks.

I keep getting an error message when trying to make a deposit with the app. I need help?

We want to make sure that we are providing the best service both in-person and our electronic services. Please contact Member Services at 888.385.5782 to let us know the issue and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

I need help with a real person!

Please call Member Services at 888.385.5782 during business hours.


For more information call Toll Free: 
1-888-385-5782 Ext. 7105 or 7106


To qualify for “TouchBanking” Mobile Deposit your account must be open for 90+ days. In addition, the primary member on an account must be over the age of 18 and have an email address on file in order to utilize “TouchBanking” Mobile Deposit. Trust accounts, DBA accounts, and accounts for minors do not qualify for “TouchBanking” Mobile Deposit. Those with a negative Savings or Checking account balance, insufficient available balance, or a loan that is past due more than 10 days are also not eligible for “TouchBanking” Mobile Deposit. “TouchBanking” Mobile Deposit can be used for deposits into Savings accounts, Money Market accounts, and Checking accounts. The maximum daily amount that can be deposited via “TouchBanking” Mobile Deposit is $3000.



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