Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction is convenient and FREE!

Combine it with Direct Deposit and Checking for a really convenient money management team.

With Payroll Deduction You Can:

  • Make deposits to your savings

Guaranteed “no excuses” saving. Deposits can be made to savings, club, and other accounts automatically with this service.

  • Make loan payments automatically & save!

    Whether it’s your Vehicle, Home Equity, Personal, or any other Credit Union loan, paying is easy. Simply designate the amount that you want deducted from your pay, and your payments are made. No late charges. No hassle. And your rates can be reduced 0.25% by electing automatic payment from a NJ Gateway FCU checking account.

  • Build your IRA

Your IRA financial planning is easier with the automatic Payroll Deduction option at NJ Gateway. You won’t have to remember to add monthly deposits to your IRA account, we can do it for you!

For more information on this convenient service from NJ Gateway, contact us.

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